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Spectrum-Scalable Digital Radios with user-selectable data rates from 64 kbps to 34 Mbps for Wireless Data Networking Applications
Turnkey wireless system solutions for Broadcast, Data, Telecom, and SCADA applications for Oil and Gas Production or Public Utilities


RF Power Amplifier



Transfer Panel TP-64


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The SL9000RFA provides 10 Watts Output Power for robust operation on difficult
STL paths. It is specifically designed for use with Moseley Starlink STL systems.

220, 300, 800 and 950 MHz STL Bands
Boosts STL link budget by 10 dB

High efficiency amplifier for low power
consumption and heat

Interoperates with TP-128 Automatic
Transfer Panel

Operates within ratings of Moseley LanLink duplexer

Front panel monitoring of Output Power Level

Output Isolator protects from antenna and cable faults

Convenient 2 RU rack mount

Rear View

Rear View


Typical Installation
Typical Installation

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