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Aries 400S
Digital Remote Data Link


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Introducing a new concept for FCC Part 74 RPU channels, the all-digital ARIES 400S. The high spectral efficiency of Aries 400S allows users to send 64 kbps or 128 kpbs data over narrow bandwidth 20 kHz or 50 kHz channels. An industry standard V.35 interface provides a seamless connection to an ISDN codec or data multiplex. A built in 300-9600 bps service channel is ready to connect to your remote control. Optional IMPEG LII audio modules facilitate the transmission of stereo or mono audio over the link.

Stereo or Dual Mono
     Transmitter-Studio Link

Frequency Range: 
    330 MHz to 512 MHz

Selectable 32 QAM, 
    16 QAM, or QPSK

Built-in 9600 bps 
    Data Service Channel
Data Link for Web
    Streaming Applications

Data Rates:
    64 kbps to 128 kbps

Full Duplex or
    Simplex Operation

Mono or Stereo
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