Moseley Broadcast products are in service in over 120 countries. Moseley Broadcast is an ISO 9001 Certified company.
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Moseley Broadcast is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Company Information
As part of the Moseley group of companies, Moseley Broadcast, an ISO 9001 Certified Company, designs and manufactures wireless communications equipment for the Radio and Television Broadcast industries, as well as custom-configured voice/data networking applications. Moseley products are in service in over 100 countries and are actively represented in 60 countries worldwide.
Moseley Broadcast is the pioneer and world's leading manufacturer of aural microwave links and supervisory control systems. The first to bring a totally transparent studio-to-transmitter link to the crowded, hostile RF environment, Moseley Broadcast now has over 15,000 microwave systems in service around the world and over 5000 Remote Control systems are telecontrolling aviation, utility, satellite, telecommunications and broadcast equipment round the clock.

2004—Industry’s first unlicensed ATSC DVB-ASI digital radio.

2003—STL System for Digital Video with integrated multiplexers for ATSC, DVB-ASI and DS3.

2001—COFDM Digital Video Transmission System with integrated MPEG Encoder.

1999—World’s first spectrum-scalable point-to-point digital radio capable of delivering 2048 kbps of data in as little as 400 kHz of channel bandwidth, up to 34 Mbps.

1997—One of the first 256 kbps nationwide point-to-multipoint wireless data networks. This nationwide network is designed for internet delivery as well as for use by banks, airlines and private telecom users.

1994—World's first fully synthesized, multi-rate, low capacity, full duplex digital  radio.

1990—World's first digital transmission system for CD quality music.