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DTV Link-A
Digital Television STL-TSL



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DTV Short Haul Link - Digital Video/Data ICR


The DTV Link-A STL/TSL delivers economical, single or multiple DVB-ASI Streams. Transporting data associated with specific DVB-T2-MI / ISDBT-International streams to the transmitter site. The digital modulation utilizes Reed-Solomon and Trellis-Coded Error Correction to provide unparalleled error-free performance.

DVB-ASI (8 Interfaces)

Transport DVB T2-MI Data Rate

Transport ISDB-Tb or SBTVD

E1/T1 (2 Interfaces)

Data Rate and Bandwidth Configured to Customer Requirements

Frequency-agile within each band

GigE (4 Electrical, 1 Fiber)

Flexible Modularity
DTV Link-A’s intelligent, modular design affords complete flexibility and control in any situation. It conforms to global standards, ensuring an array of possibilities now, and in the future filled with innovation and enhancement.

Spectrum Scalability
The only digital radio of its kind, the DTV Link-A allows the user to specify its occupied spectrum according to the operational data rate. This ability offers operators full network design flexibility and optimal use of limited frequencies.

Programmable Spectral Efficiency
The DTV Link-A can be configured for 4 QAM, 16 QAM, 32 QAM, 64 QAM, 128 QAM, and 256 QAM. Programmable rates of pilots for COFDM like solution at higher frequencies.

Network Management
The DTV Link-A provides superior Network Management capability with its built-in Web Server and SNMP software. Unmatched system analysis and monitoring can be utilized to create multilevel system alarms. Remote monitoring and control of your entire microwave network is simplified. System security is paramount; the DTV Link-A features multilevel configuration permissions and network data encryption. Accounting and logging features provide protection
and information about access attempts.

Option Rich
The DTV Link-A features many optional enhancements, such as DVB ASI, DVB T2-MI, DVB-S2, DVB-C and ISDBT-International Digital Audio/Digital Video Interfaces, 2xE1/T1 MUX, Ethernet and others, providing a multitude of possibilities to fulfil any broadcast video networking requirements

Unparalleled Robustness
To overcome industrial and other man-made impulse noise as well as other burst-mode interferences, powerful Reed-Solomon and Trellis-Coded Error Correction is standard. Unfaded BER error-free performance in excess of 10-12 is unparalleled. An interleaver and modulation with Pilots (similar to OFDM) further enhances error concealment. In addition, an adaptive equalizer overcomes multipath and other channel impairments.

Inherently Adaptive
The DTV Link-A excels in many applications, including Studio-to-Transmitter and Transmitter-to-Studio Links, ENG/Satellite Backhaul, Cable Feeds, and Backbone Networks. Multiple HD-Video stream over a single frequency.


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