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EVENT 5800



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Moseley Event 5800 is a carrier class T1/E1/IP radio link. Combine Event 5800 with Starlink SL9003T1 to create a high capacity bidirectional STL/TSL system.
  • T1 / E1 / IP Ethernet payload
  • UNII 5.3 and ISM 5.8 GHz unlicensed
  • Intelligent system design
  • Distances 20 miles or more
  • Unparalleled robustness
  • Web Server & SNMP management
  • Software defined indoor unit and outdoor unit

  • Multi-Station Clusters

Event transports up to nine radio stations with uncompressed digital audio over a single link. And it‘s bidirectional for backhaul of confidence monitor, RPU, or satellite downlink. There is plenty of room for future expansion.

  • LAN/WAN Extension To Site

Event’s IP Ethernet capacity supports network applications, remote servers, surveillance and security, Internet, and email connections. All remaining bandwidth unused by the audio transport can be devoted to the IP network.

  • Carrier Class Transport

Event combines conservative bandwidth allocation with powerful Reed-Solomon Error Correction, Trellis Coded Error Correction, and an interleaver to overcome multipath and channel impairments.

  • Software Defined Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit

Event’s separate IDU and ODU design eliminates transmission line losses. IDU and ODU interconnect is done at IF (intermediate frequency) using low cost coax cable. All the power goes into the antenna where you need it

  • Quick To Deploy

Event operates in the ISM 5.8 GHz and U-NII 5.3 GHz unlicensed bands. There is no expensive coordination or time consuming licensing process. An Event system can be up and running in a matter of hours.

  • Uncompressed Is Best

No doubt exists that linear uncompressed audio produces the cleanest, highest fidelity, artifact-free on-air sound. Event provides the bandwidth necessary to make multiple uncompressed audio feeds a reality. 32 or 44.1 kHz sampling along with Ethernet data, Event provides all the signals necessary for HD Radio™ and HD2, HD3 Multicasting.

  • Return On Investment

Combining payload over a single bidirectional digital circuit saves stations money when compared to leasing multiple discreet audio, voice and data circuits. ROI comes quickly.



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