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LANLINK HS-900D                                         
LAN Extender / Data Link

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A New Twist on Wireless IP Remote Broadcasts - RPUoIP
(Radio World Magazine.)




LanLink HS-900D combines Moseley’s reputation for high quality aural Studio-to-Transmitter Links with industrial strength, mission-critical wireless communications solutions. This provides broadcasters with a fully integrated Ethernet / IP / RS-232 robust data
transport system.

The LanLink is a high-speed, license-free, secure, unique data connectivity solution that installs in minutes and is simple to operate.

HD Radio - IP link transmits the IBOC data stream between studio equipment and the transmitter site.

Mirrored Servers - Continually updates off-premises server, backing up valuable business and program assets.

IP-Based Equipment Control - Browser-enabled equipment may be controlled from any computer on the network.

RBDS - Transports song title and artist data to the RBDS generator.

Transmitter Remote Control - RS-232 channels provide commands and telemetry return data.

Security - A simple webcam provides transmitter site surveillance.

Internet and E-mail - LAN connection at the transmitter site saves valuable travel time.

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