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You must download each part separately.

Download WINDOWS 95/98/NT/ME/2000/NT/XP versions MasterController
Downloads for DOS 6 version
Downloads for DOS 6 version
(MRC 1620 ONLY)
Download MasterController IP 4+ Suite


MasterController IP 4+ is a suite of programs which includes CommServer, Navigator, ScreenMaker, FileWatcher and a separate documentation file. You must download each part separately. If you need assistance, email Tech Support or call (805) 968-9621.

NOTE: Assuming that your main hard drive is "C:\", click each one of the links and place each file in the corresponding directory listed with its download link. (Copy backup your old files into another folder before you start.)

The central communications link that enables desktop and portable computers to communicate with multiple Moseley MRC2 Remote Control Terminals, As a complete, self-contained remote control management system, CommServer communicates with multiple sites, helps you manage alarms and events, automatically creates log files, automatically sends email or pager notification of alarms, events, or any user-defined condition. While Navigator and ScreenMaker assist in creating a comfortable, multi-user environment, CommServer is capable of operating as a stand-alone program that can manage every aspect of the Remote Terminals. Use CommServer to:

Define Remote Sites (which tells the system when and how to connect)

View basic site data and send commands

Control automatic email of alarms, events, or any user-defined condition

Control pager notification of alarms, events, or any user-defined condition

Automatically generate log files both to standard CSV files and to MS Access database files

Write custom Macros and Scripts to automate site management

Added and Improved Features:

  • IP connectivity
  • Improved Alarm Management functionality
  • Simplified site configuration process
  • Highly reliable connection to multiple remote sites
  • Can connect via 2-wire, 4-wire, or autodial by telecom connection.
  • Allows you to define alternate connections to each site
  • Improved logging system writes to standard CSV file that can be read with off-the-shelf database, spreadsheet, and word-processing programs. Also, logs to MS Access database file (for compatibility with previous versions of CommServer).
  • FileWatcher monitors the log file and emails notification whenever something is added. Notification can include some or all of the log file.
  • Basic monitoring and control features, so one program can manage all aspects of control
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