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MRC Power Supply Test
Connecting an MRC-1600/1620 to a Lanlink
Command Interface Panel Manual
Instructions for installing an RS232 card in the MRC 1600 or 1620.
Barrier Strip Panel Maual
Modem initialization strings for the MRC-2 & MRC1620 Init
Multi Tech MT202-TD MRC-2 1200 Baud Dedicated communications information
Leased Line, Microwave & Other Dedicated Path Connections Data Error Solutions
Multi Tech 2834 BL / MRC-2 & 9600 baud dedicated communications information
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Master Controller IP
Task Master
Master Controller (DOS)
Task Master (DOS)

Modem Initialization Strings
Here is a list of modem initialization strings for the MRC-2 & MRC1620 systems. (When entering the strings, you do not need to type the spaces as they are for clarity only.) The "&W0" and "&W1" commands are to save the string into the modems nonvolatile memory, therefore reinitializing to the proper settings in the event of a power loss. Only use the "&W0" and "&W1" if using the Modem at the MRC end. If the modem is at the PC end, please place the string in the Modem initialization #1 location.

GVC 14.4 Modem
MRC-2 = AT &F E0 N0 X0 V0 &C0 &D0 \N1 S0=1 &W0 &W1
MRC1620 =To Be Determined

Intel 2400
MRC1620= AT&F \N0 \Q0 \V0 H0 L3 &W0 &W1

Intel 2400/9600 Fax Modem
MRC1620 = AT&F \N0 \Q0 \V0 %C0 L1 &W0 &W1

Hayes Optima 2400 + Fax96
MRC1620 = AT&F N0 S0=0 &K0 &Q6 &W0 &W1
MRC-2 = AT&F E0 N0 X0 V0 &C0 &D2 &Q6 S0=1 &W0 &W1

Hayes Optima 14.4
MRC1620 = AT&F N0 S0=0 &K0 &Q6 &W0 &W1
MRC 2 = AT&F E0 N0 V0 &C0 &D2 &K0 &Q6 &W0 &W1

Practical Peripherals 14.4
MRC1620 = AT B1 E0 N0 V0 X4 &C0 &K0 &D2 &Q0 &W0
MRC 2 = AT B1 E0 N0 V0 X0 &C0 &K0 &D2 &Q0 &W0

US Robotics Sportster 14.4 Fax
*See US Robotics Note Below
MRC-2 = atb1e0v0x0y0&c0&h0&k0&m0&n3 &w0

US Robotics 56k v.90
*See US Robotics Note Below
MRC 2 at PC end = AT E0 V0 X0 &A0 &C0 &H0 &K0 &M0 &N0 s32=98
MRC 1620 at PC end = AT E0 V0 X4 &A0 &C0 &H0 &K0 &M0 &N0 s32=98

*US Robotics NOTE: Baud Rate determined by "&N" value. EXAMPLE: &N2  = 1200 Baud, &N3  = 2400 Baud.
See modem documentation for other rates and settings

Boca 33.6
MRC1620 = AT \N1 B1 E0 N1 V0 X4 &C0 &D0 &K0 &Q0 %C0 %E0 S37=0 &W0
MRC 2 = AT \N1 B1 E0 V0 X0 &C0 &K0 &Q0 &X0 %C0 %E0 S37=0 &W0

Supra 33.6
MRC1620 = AT B1 \N1 E0 N1 V0 X4 &C0 &K0 &Q0 &X0 %C0 %E0 %G0 S37=0 &W0
MRC 2 = AT B1 \N1 E0 N1 V0 X0 &C0 &K0 &Q0 &X0 %C0 %G0 S37=0 &W0

Zoom Models 2836 and 2949L
MRC 2  = AT B1 E0 N0 V0 X0 &C0 &K0 &Q0 \J1 \N1 \Q0 %C0 %E0 s28=0 &W0
MRC 1620  = AT B1 E0 N1 V0 X4 &C0 &K0 &Q0 W1 \N1 \Q0 %C0 %E0 s28=0 &W0  

NOTE: If using a ZOOM modem at both the PC and MRC end, the strings need to be modified as follows:

MRC2 = AT B1 E0 N0 s37=n V0 X0 &C0 &K0 &Q0 \N1 \Q0 %E0 &W0
MRC 1620  = AT B1 E0 N0 s37=n V0 X4 &C0 &K0 &Q0 W1 \N1 \Q0 %C0 %E0 s28=0 &W0
Whereas s37=n is the specific baud rate for the connection, n=5 for 1200, n=6 for 2400, n=7 for 4800, and n=9 for 9600.

Multi Tech MT202-TD MRC-2 1200 Baud
Dedicated communications information

It has come to our attention that there is an error in the MultiTech MT202 Manual revision "G" (6/14/99). [Prior revisions are correct.] It states that for 2_wire enable, you open switch 2,3, and close 4. It also states that for 4_wire you open 4 and close 2,3. These are all backward. Please set up per the following chart for MT202 switch settings:

Switch  Position            Position
            4_wire              2_wire

1          Open                Closed
2          Open                Closed
3          Open                Closed
4          Closed              Open
5          Closed              Closed
6          Closed              Open
7          Closed              Open

The following information applies to all dedicated path type connections,
With regard to an MRC-2, depending on the connection type employed, certain communication parameters may need to be changed. In particular, the number of start and stop message "PADs" should be adjusted. "PAD" should be set to 8,2 (or possibly higher) for 2_wire operation, and 1,0 for 4_wire operation. If your PC is a faster one these start PAD values may need to be increased. (Trial and error may be needed; if the link is not working, keep increasing the prepad value until it does work.) For details on this procedure, see the MRC2 Manual Vol. (all Revisions) -, section 3, the MasterController DOS manual (Rev C), section 8, or the MasterController for Windows 95/98/NT Manual (Rev D) section 1, advanced settings. Customer feedback has revealed that the typical settings for 2-wire or 4-wire is Pre Pad 13, Post Pad 3, (and MRC Pad = 13,3).

Multi Tech 2834 BL / MRC-2 & 9600 baud
Dedicated communications information
NOTE: These MT2834 modems have been programmed to operate with a Moseley MRC-2 operating at 9600 baud, 4-wire leased line mode, and each modem uses a standard modem cable. The init string needs to be inserted BEFORE changing the switch settings, otherwise the modem will not go into the command state to program it.

Each modem has been initialized with the following string:
B1 E0 M1 Q0 R0 V0 X0 &C0 &E2 &E4 &E10 &E13 &E14 %C0 $MB9600 $SB9600 $BA0 &W0

The dip switch settings are very different from default settings and are set as follows:

At the PC End UP UP UP UP   UP         UP       UP  
        DN   DN DN DN DN   DN DN DN   DN
At the MRC-2 
UP UP UP UP UP UP         UP       UP  
            DN DN DN DN   DN DN DN   DN


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