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Moseley Starlink SL9003Q

Frequently Asked Questions

2 / 4 / 6 Channel Linear Audio Digital Studio-Transmitter Link


Moseley SL9003Q





1. What are the differences between the three most common Starlink configurations?

The Starlink can be set up in a myriad of audio/data configurations. Over time, three basic configurations naturally emerged and are reflected on our Distributor price lists.

  • The SL9003Q-2S is shipped from the factory with one stereo pair, 16 QAM, 44.1 kHz audio sampling.
  • The SL9003Q-4S is shipped with two stereo pairs at 32 kHz, 32 QAM. (On request, two 44.1 kHz, 128 QAM can be substituted. Please ensure that your dealer includes this request at time of order.)
  • The SL9003Q-2SLAN is configured with one 44.1 kHz Stereo pair and the Six-Port Mux and LAN cards from our SL9003T1 system. The LAN provides approximately 600 kbps of IP unidirectional.

All Starlinks have AES and Analog I/Os on both sides of the system. The TX is AES or L/R, the RX is AES and L/R. There is also an RS-232 data circuit for each stereo pair included.

2. If I feed Analog L/R in do I get AES out at the RX?

Yes – the input feeding the TX is transparent to the Starlink RX.

3. Why is there only 1.25 Watt TPO? Is there an Option for more power out?

Starlink’s RX Threshold is –89 to –93 dBm, depending on the configuration, making the overall system gain almost 15 dB better than an analog Composite system. This reduces the need for additional power out in most cases. Moseley offers a 10 dB power amplifier called SL9000RFA which increases the power output of the Starlink to 10 Watts. Starlink users have reported good results with the SL9000RFA.

4. If I buy an SL9003Q-2S can it be converted in the field to another configuration?

Because the Starlink is a modular system, field upgrades are very easy to install. Alternatively, if you prefer a factory conversion, we will gladly schedule a loaner unit for you while our technical services team accomplishes the conversion.

5. Will we need a Bandpass Cavity?

Approximately 65% of current Starlink users employ cavities on the front end. We recommend the optional SL9003Q-BPC cavity ( at 942-952 MHz, the US Aural STL Band) as your first choice. Specifications are available upon request.

6. What can you tell me about the SL9003Q-6S six channels?

Six channel Starlinks have shipped in a variety of configurations. To convey three linear uncompressed stereo pairs in a 500 kHz STL bandwidth, sampled at 32 kHz, you will need to use 256 QAM. At 128 QAM, the occupied spectrum is 533 kHz. Other customers have opted for one linear 44.1 kHz stereo pair and two ISO LII 384 kpbs compressed pairs at 32 QAM. Systems like these are best priced directly from the factory to ensure that your precise needs are met.

7. Do you offer the Starlink in a full duplex configuration?

Several options are possible:

Order two SL9003Q-RTs, two SL9000SERF, two SL9000SDRF, two SL9000MUX6, two SL9000LAN, for a payload of full duplex 44.1 kHz stereo pairs and 600 kpbs of LAN at 32 QAM.

Order two SL9003Q-RTs with two SL9000CSUs for a full duplex T1/E1 RF path with standard RJ45s.

A word of caution: there is a certain amount of ambiguity in the FCC rules. An argument could be made that the TSL is an Inner City Relay, thus requiring a license. As most areas of the country are using the STLs in simplex mode, care should be taken when turning on an STL TX at a major transmission facility.


Question not answered? Call Moseley Technical Support 805-968-9621 x242.

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