Event HD

Digital Microwave Link for Video ENG

Portable Licensed Point-to-Point Microwave Link for Video ENG, Mobile, or Airbourne Applications

A Flexible, Powerful and Future Resilient Video Microwave system optimized for portable or temporary links.

Event HD split ENG Link delivers economical, single or multiple DVB-ASI Streams plus IP data streams and data associated with specific DVB-T2-MI / ISDBT-International streams to the transmitter site. The digital modulation utilizes Reed-Solomon and Trellis-Coded Error Correction to provide unparalleled error-free performance.

Key Product Benefits

Flexible Mounting Options for Temporary Fixed Link, Mobile or ENG

The Event HD is designed modularly and affords complete flexibility and control in any situation. It conforms to global standards, ensuring an array of possibilities now and in the future filled with innovation and enhancement.

Many uses in the Broadcast Facility

The Event HD excels in many applications, including Studio-to-Transmitter, and Transmitter-to-Studio Links, and ENG/Satellite Backhaul temporary fixed links and repeater.

DTV-SH Easily Transitions to ATSC 3.0

ASI and IP transport will allow your future transition to ATSC 3.0 with no additional hardware purchases.

Complete Network Management

Event HD provides superior Network Management capability with its built-in Web Server and SNMP software. Unmatched system analysis and monitoring can be utilized to create multilevel system alarms.


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