Starlink SL9003T1

Digital Audio T1/E1 STL/STL

Starlink SL9003T1 T1/ E1 STL is a fully integrated program audio, voice, and data transport system that combines Moseley’s reputation for high quality aural Studio Transmitter Links with digital T1/E1 technology.

Starlink T1/E1 STL: The right choice for your station

T1/E1 circuits are widely available at declining prices. They have no distance or line-of-sight terrain restrictions. This makes T1/E1 an ideal transport medium for STL/TSL and Intercity links.

The bidirectional high payload capacity of a T1/E1 circuit can significantly reduce a station’s communications costs compared to using discreet audio, telephone, and data circuits.

Key Product Benefits

Stand Out in Your Market

Digital STL delivers a bit identical copy of the input to the output. Your station’s crystal clear highs and transparent bass notes will stand out on the air with no noise buildup or distortion common to analog lines or analog composite STLs.

HD Radio™ Ready

44.1, 48 and 32 kHz sample rates plus an available Ethernet data channel gives you all the signals required for HD Radio™ and Multicasting.

Avoid Tall Buildings or Mountainous Terrain

A new building is going up in your STL path? NO problem. Around the corner or across the country, there are no distance or line-of-sight terrain restrictions.

T1/E1 Goes Both Ways

Having the same capacity in the reverse direction, a T1/E1 STL is perfect for backhaul of RPU or Satellite Download audio. A fully bidirectional Ethernet circuit can provide remote control, Internet and email at the tramsmitter site or support a remote mirrored server to protect station data assets off site.

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